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  • Release date: Oct, 2022

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September was an exciting month for us. Genenet joined the "2022 EUREKA GlobalStars Taiwan Call” kick-off meeting.

EUREKA-GlobalStars is a funding program promoting international innovation collaboration between EUREKA member countries and GlobalStars countries. In 2018, the Netherlands launched the first EUREKA GlobalStars call with Taiwan on the topic of Photonics, in collaboration with France and Denmark. To continue this innovative synergy, a new call was organized between Taiwan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Canada. A total of 8 projects were selected for funding, covering fields such as semiconductors and photonics, smart manufacturing, and circular economy.

As the leading consortium in 1 of the 8 selected projects, Genenet’s COO Louis Wu presented on our “Maximising bioproduction in CHO cell by interdisciplinary engineering and AI” project in the kick-off meeting. With the official kick-off of Eureka Globstars, Genenet is thrilled to begin our collaboration with @InstantNanoBiosensors @CytenaBPS @CPI to advance CHO cell bioproduction technology to the next level.

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