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RNA-Seq analysis - FastQC, Primer trimming, Salmon quantification.
- Quality control (e.g. Data cleaning, PCA, hierarchical clustering).
- Significance, fold-changes, Gene set / pathway enrichment analysis.
4 Details
Ribo-Seq analysis - Footprint profiles, estimate translation efficiency,
- Predict distinct features (e.g. ORFs, Ribosome Stalling, Codon Usage Bias).
4 Details
Metabolomics analysis - Identify significantly expressed metabolites, enrichment and pathway analysis. 4 Details
ML modelling - Key features search, Predictive modelling, Feature explanations, Transfer learning, Causal inference and optimizations. 10 Details
Benchmarking ML models - Benchmarking of the ML models performance against standard datasets and metrics for quick publish of results. 4 Details
Public data mining - Data mining on the public RNA-seq databases for cross-studies analysis, relationships exploration and validations. 8 Details
Interactive UI for results - Exploratory analysis graphical outputs (e.g. Correlation heatmap, Density plot, Volcano plot, MA plot); ML results (e.g. Learning curves and metrics explorations, Model architecture customizations, 3D plots) 8 Details
Self-serve APIs setup - Configure programmable APIs for continuous and customizable access to the built models and insights. 4 Details
Server setup - Setting up the docker with the required compute and storage for the project.
(Cost varies depending on the computing resource and storage sizes required)
4 Details
Consultation - Meeting experts, reports, delivery of PPT and guides. 5 Details

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